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Well, the Series 12 trailer broke overnight and as we say in today’s episode of The Doctor Who Show, we were anticipating its arrival, but couldn’t include it in the show as we were pre-recording a few days ahead. So, let me bust out some thoughts on the trailer here.

Location, location, location

From the opening scene, you can see where some of the budget has gone. Like the previous season, we are in some decidedly non-Cardiff locations, and the series looks great for it. A luxury house on a vineyard and our pals all dressed up for some formal occasion.

All dressed up…

I like the way the Doctor’s formal ware copies her usual outfit, although not slavishly; there’s some variation. I like variation in Doctors’ outfits, otherwise they start to become ‘costume-y’ rather than ‘just clothes’ which is what they should be. I feel Jodie’s look (like that of all the 1980s Doctors), was a bit too costume-y last series, so if she can be out of that gear for an episode or two, it’s a good thing.

The music

The trailer has music direct from Hollywood with little flourishes that wouldn’t be out of place in a Marvel trailer. Listen to the way the beat drops around the nine second mark, followed by a line from the Doctor. Pure Hollywood. Whoever cut this trailer is definitely going for a young, entertainment-savvy market. And that’s a good thing for sure.

Back in time

“Paris, 1943” gets a mention which delights me as it’s confirmation we have more historical stories (or psuedo-historical stories at least), which was one of the strengths of the previous series, and could be a strength here, too. Paris during WW2 is a heck of a place for a story.


“Something’s coming for me…” the Doctor says, as we see a really badly beaten-up Cyberman walk through some flames, then a quick close up of its battered helmet. Coming hot on the heels of Resolution where we had a junkyard Dalek, this feels like more of the same, ie: taking established baddies and making them visually odd in order to make them different. I’m not sure how I feel about that. However, it’s a Cyberman (and I love Cybermen), and there could be great reasoning for why it’s so battle scarred. Has the Doctor just dealt it a major blow, or has it been chasing the Doctor for some time and this is accumulated damage?

Special, so special…

Finally, the special effects in the trailer look ace. Yes, I say that in the full knowledge that this is a trailer and that you put your best foot forward so if it didn’t look good, we’d be in trouble. Having said that, does anyone think the film quality takes a weird dip, right at the start during the, “The name’s Doctor, The Doctor…” scene? It’s like when you’re watching DVD extras and the film is unfinished and ungraded. But putting that aside, the actual effects look great. From earthbound stuff, right up into space, there’s all sorts going on. Thumbs up.

In summary

Trailers are meant to excite us and between the footage and the Hollywood style music, this trailer does that. The real proof of these stories will be in the writing; something that I won’t back away from saying was lacking last year. Of the ten episodes, I think only four (maybe five if I’m generous), passed the writing test. If this series, with the extra time it took to craft, can overcome that… we might be in for a pretty wild ride. It’s certainly looking good, so far.

If you have some trailer thoughts, why not drop me a line below?

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    1. Yes Jim, absolutely a Judoon. One of those earliest publicity pics for this series was Jodie and a Judoon. They are confirmed for S12.

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