Season 16

Doctor Who Season 16 – the podcast listeners voted for!

I’ve been having a quiet post-Series 12 time, partly due to watching, thinking, and writing about Doctor Who non-stop for many months. I think that sometimes you just need a bit of a break. Plus, the ‘coronavirus crisis’ (as the news so nattily names it), is raging and, honestly, my mind has been on the bigger picture of late than just Doctor Who. I dare say yours has been too, wherever you are in the world, gentle reader.

Anyway, in spite of this, the podcast must go on and I recently sat down with Dave to talk about Season 16 of the series. We had thrown the choice out to our readers; Season 16 or 25? And the results were incredibly tight, with Season 16 winning by a tiny number. As we say on the podcast, this has given us pause that we might have to do a similar podcast soon (maybe even this year), for Season 25. Take a listen!

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