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Little thoughts on Big Finish: The Sirens of Time

001 in the Big Finish range of monthly Doctor Who adventures is a three Doctor affair – Davo, Col, and Sylv. As the three Doctors who were current during the period I went from casual viewer to rabid fan (and thus all could be argued to be “my Doctor” in one way or another), this audio ought to push all my buttons, but doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, per se. Indeed, after the first 7th Doctor-centric episode where I felt the story was all over the place, episodes two and three (featuring the 5th and 6th Doctors respectively), really bed things down. By the time all three Doctors are together in the final episode (a situation that sounds more entertaining and appealing than it actually is), the plot starts to make itself known and understandable and it comes together with a clever twist or two by the end. No own goal by any means, but not mind-meltingly, amazingly fabulous, either. Not sure if/when I’ll ever revisit it again, 6/10.

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