The Great Journey: Big Finish Doctor Who Monthly Range 21-30

In order of preference…

The One Doctor by Gareth Roberts & Clayton Hickman*

The Chimes of Midnight by Robert Shearman*

Project: Twilight by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright*

The Eye of the Scorpion by Iain McLaughlin*

Seasons of Fear by Paul Cornell & Caroline Symcox*

Dust Breeding by Mike Tucker

Bloodtide by Jonathan Morris

Primeval by Lance Parkin

Invaders from Mars by Mark Gatiss

Colditz by Steve Lyons

Analysis: You might notice that, this time around, I haven’t done a “best” and “the rest” listing because, like my last list, I found all the audios to be of a certain quality, so I’m simply listing them all here in my preferred order, with some asterisk’s on the stories I think are really, truly worthy of your time.

Weirdly enough, this creates five stories I really recommend and what appears to be five stories that I don’t… but I need to stress that all of these are worthy of a listen. Some are just a cut above the rest.

For example, Bloodtide is fourth from the bottom, yet I really enjoyed the story. The setting was fabulous; the historical guest star was inspired; and it’s more Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe, which is a team I have quickly come to love in the range. At the same time, however, the plot is a retread of basically every single time a particular monster is inĀ Doctor Who and it doesn’t do anything really new or surprising, so I can’t place it much higher, even though I found it very enjoyable in itself overall.

Now for a few comments on the stories I really rate, and I will keep this brief.

The One Doctor – Big Finish does funny. This is just a delight. Seven years before David Tennant and David Morrissey square off on TV in The Next Doctor, here we have the Sixth Doctor come across someone who seems to think they’re the Doctor and have just saved a planet. What is going on?

The Chimes of Midnight – Along with Spare Parts, this is another story that Big Finish listeners namecheck ALL THE TIME. And with good reason – it’s a solid little story. At the same time, I think it gets a little too much praise, relative to other stories that are just as good but never “went viral”.

Project: Twilight – I should have seen the twist in this one coming from a mile away… but I didn’t. It’s more Sixth Doctor and Evelyn, in modern times, getting wrapped up in a fairly gritty kind of story. Lots of really good voice acting in this one, and a story which I believe will continue later on in the range.

The Eye of the Scorpion – The Davo audios have been hit and miss during this first 30 releases, but I’m so happy to say this one had me hooked. The Ancient Egypt setting is done really well. Peri worked for the first time on audio for me here. Davo’s always great. And we meet Erimem for the first time.

Seasons of Fear – A second McGann in the top five, which is not bad going when there were only three of his stories in this batch of 10. I had only heard this once, a long time ago, and while I remembered the main “villain” was called Grayle, I’d completely forgotten the classic monster he’s working for.

So there you have it. Another 10 audio adventures down. I’m finding it easier and easier to fit them into my schedule and basically make time for them, which was always an issue in the past. It always seemed – and still does, if I’m being honest – that there’s 101 things I need to be doing and, if I want to work my way through almost 300 releases on this great journey, I just need to make the effort.


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