At the Doctor Who Show podcast we’ve been running a mini-podcast every month for some time now called, The List Makers. It’s come to have quite a following among our loyal monthly listeners.

The premise is simple. Dave and I take a Doctor Who topic (either one we’ve made up, or one sent in by a listener), make a list in relation to it, then share our lists with each other. We don’t discuss the lists before we bring them to table, so the results are sometimes surprising… sometimes snap-tastic!

As Doctor Who fans love their lists in general, I thought it might also be fun to make a website with all kinds of lists on it; useful stuff to cut’n’paste if you just need to grab a list of, let’s say, Second Doctor stories without all the added stuff you’d find in a Wiki entry. And for the cherry on top, why don’t I pull out the List Makers episodes and give them some greater exposure here, too? Policebox.net is born.

I hope you find some useful lists here in your travels, and maybe you can stop and listen to an episode or two of The List Makers while you’re here? Drop us a line at hello@thedwshow.net if you do.

Rob Irwin
Sydney, Australia