Since January of 2016, I have been producing a Doctor Who podcast called, imaginatively, The Doctor Who Show.

Initially, this was a podcast I likened to a fanzine; it was constructed from different bits and pieces, from various contributors. Any given episode would feature chat, reviews, and numerous segments. It wasn’t quite how I really envisaged the podcast, however, and by August of that year I had a co-host onboard in the form of David Kitchen.

Dave, as I quickly started referring to him in the Australian style of shortening everyone’s name – even if by a single letter – had been a guest on the February episode of the show earlier in the year and I sensed in him someone I not only enjoyed talking to, but who also had a prodigious knowledge of Doctor Who to boot. And, voilà, we were a team.

The addition of Dave meant that the show could start to become more like the podcasts I listened to – and wanted to emulate – where teams of people (usually two or three), would chat about the series and give you the sense you were sitting at home with these people, or perhaps down the pub with them, and were just listening to a conversation.

All these years later, we’re knocking out more show content than ever and in early 2022 I had the idea to start stripping older episodes of their theme tune, news, short topics and other segments that were peripheral to the main topic of the episode, and present them via YouTube as “just the chat”. In this way, people could hear our discussion of, ‘Penultimate Doctor Who Stories’ from 2019, for example, without having to wade through years-old news and things before they got to the topic itself which, in many cases, is evergreen and as good today as the month we first published the episode.

As the owner of the policebox.net domain, and looking for something suitably Doctor Who to put on it, I thought it might be useful to collect these YouTube videos here, and present them in a way that might catch the eye of people who have never heard of our podcast before. Especially with the videos being a mix of content from across all years of the podcast, a ‘greatest hits’ package is starting to form; something that I hope new listeners will be able to dive into right away and also something we’re proud to have built up over the years in general to be a collection of really interesting chats.

Stay tuned,
Rob Irwin
Sydney, August 2022

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